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Floating Cats


The owner is awesome and has a great catitude and love of cats. Take care of your fur baby here. Great selection of high quality food and other cat gear. If you love your cat you owe it to your cat to shop here.

Floating Cats

Erik F.

If you're deciding on whether or not to visit I will make it super simple: Visit- a fantastic array of cat foods, toys, swag, scratching post, awesome friendly staff, and CATS!!! 🐈 🐈 This is the kind of store that enhances and breeds community for folks that love cats. :)
Stop shopping at Amazon and the corporate joints and support this wonderful local establishment.

Floating Cats

Jane Davis

As a life long dog owner I knew nothing about cats until a starving, abandoned animal showed up on my porch. Cathy helped me find the right food in her clean, well organized store and teaches me something each time I go in. Wonderful customer service..no more big box stores for me.